Pokhran II

Concept: Pokhran II Topic: Defence Category: Governance Related News: Hindu, July 6 CNA mentions:  (July 6) Pokhran II Pokhran-II was the... View Article

Ozone Layer

Concept: Ozone Layer Topic: Ozone Layer Category: Environment Related News: Hindu, July 4 CNA mentions: 1(July 4) Ozone Layer The ozone... View Article


Concept: NSCN Topic: Federal Relations Category: Polity Related News: Hindu, July 6 CNA mentions:  (July 6) NSCN The Nationalist Socialist Council... View Article

NASAs Juno

The JUpiter Near-polar Orbiter (Juno) is a NASA New Frontiers mission currently en route to the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5,... View Article

Marker Assisted Selection

 Marker assisted selection or marker aided selection (MAS) is an indirect selection process where a trait of interest is selected based on a marker(morphological, biochemical or DNA/RNA variation) linked to a... View Article