How does sound travel through gases, liquids and solids?


Asked on August 23, 2016 in Chemistry.
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Sound waves travels through a medium such as a solid, liquid, or gas. These waves move through each of these mediums by vibrating the molecules in the matter. The molecules present in solids are packed very tightly. Liquids molecules are not packed as tightly as solids. And gases are very loosely packed. The spacing of the molecules enables sound to travel much faster through a solid than a gas. Sound travels about 4 times faster and farther in water than it does in air. This is why whales can communicate over huge distances in the oceans. Sound waves travel about 13 times faster in wood than air. They also travel faster on hotter days as the molecules bump into each other more often than when it is cold.

Answered on August 23, 2016.
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