What is the action plan for ICSE projects?

What is the action plan for ICSE projects?

Asked on July 9, 2016 in ICSE.
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Making projects in the ICSE board is a straightforward stress-free exercise. Almost all the teachers do not care what you give as a project till it fulfills the basic guidelines set by them. Go with an interesting subject but do not try to do anything excessive or exceptional because all it will do is eat into your time to study for the boards examination. Punctuality is necessary when working on these projects and that will matter the most.

Some of the ways you can stay ahead of the curve are:

  • Decide whatever you want to create promptly as soon as the year or semester starts.

  • Select interesting but easy to do projects so that you don’t waste a lot of time there.

  • Begin working on the projects early and try to get through with them in the holidays itself.

  • Last but not the least; know where to draw the line. Work smart.

Answered on July 9, 2016.
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